Quito National Training Center – Ecuador

Limonta Sport was selected by FIFA to install a brand new football pitch in Quito, Ecuador, as part of a worldwide project that FIFA is bringing ahead to develop the game of football where facilities, equipment and resources are more needed.

The GOAL PROGRAMME by FIFA enables beneficiary member associations to implement projects designed to develop football in their countries. It is an expression of solidarity that gives national associations with few resources at their disposal the tools they need to function and grow.

Situation Before and Costruction of the pitch

The Football Pitch

The football pitch is intensively and regularly used by the several team representing the Ecuador national team at all levels (4 to 7 hours daily). The U17, U19 and U21 teams in particular are assigned to this location to prepare international events and select the best talents to bring to the main team.

La Seleccion, the main national team, practices on this field especially during poor weather conditions and winter period to preserve the fragile integrity of natural grass pitches.

The new synthetic field brought numerous advantages to the local football federation:


A perfect playing surface is now available for 6-10 hours each day


Possibility to practice and play in all weather conditions, with stable performance level


Athletic and technical training can be brought to professional level


Good quality surface reduces the risk of injuries for the athletes


Low maintenance cost


Possibility to preserve big natural grass venues in perfect conditions for the top events of the seasons.

The surface, 8.300 square meters of synthetic grass specifically studied to fit the need of high level professional football, was installed and tested according to FIFA Quality Concept Handbook that imposes the highest quality standards in terms of performance, durability and safety for the players.
This FIFA Quality certified pitch can now officially host national and international football events, sure guarantee of reliability and safety for football players of all levels.

Why they chose us