Field hockey artificial pitches are high quality surfaces for professional level practice. The perfect evenness and flexibility of the artificial turf pitch proves to be ideal for ensuring accurate shots and passes, whilst the drainage capacity ensures the ideal surface moisture needed for a fast game.
The special products developed by Limonta for high-level practice of this sport have gained approval of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).
In collaboration with the Italian Hockey Federation Limonta Sport has also developed two systems that respect both the FIH and FIFA standards, creating the first systems approved for both football and hockey.

Certified systems in all categories

  • Complete product range with sanded and non sanded solutions with the introduction of a new natural organic infill, for the following levels:
    • Global: water based surfaces without infill, primarily used for international competitions and top level national competitions.
    • National:surfaces with sand infill for regional competitions or lower ranking national competitions
    • Multi-sport:surfaces not primarily used for hockey but where it can still be practiced
  • Systems that give the most demanding players great comfort and high level performance
  • Technologies created to reduce water use, meeting the needs of areas with particular climatic conditions

The company’s commitment to this discipline is confirmed by its recognition as an FIH Certified Turf Manufacturer, which certifies its specialisation in creating products for field hockey and proves its ability to manufacture products according to the game’s required standards, checking the quality of the process and providing comprehensive customer support on warranties and maintenance practices.

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