perfect mix of natural and artificial grass

In order to have a pitch that combines the qualities of natural and synthetic grass, the choice has to be hybrid or reinforced grass!

There are two technologies that Limonta Sport offers to the market.

MIXTO: The secret is a grid of artificial grass perfectly designed to favour the birth, growth and development of the natural grass. The system thus composed generates conditions of perfect oxygenation and permeability of the surface layer and the ideal air-water-soil balance, while also preventing the formation of muddy areas or waterlogging. Mixto® guarantees stability, permeability and maximum safety for the athletes.

Mixto® is the “traditional” hybrid Lay&Play technology, a Made in Italy always signed by Limonta Sport, that for more than 20 years has been chosen by the best Clubs, not last and for the sixth time by Real Madrid for the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.


VERDEMIX: this is the name of the new “stitched” technology to offer to the best stadiums in the world a turf always in perfect conditions. 

A technology that is having a huge success.

Imagine a large loom that weaves blades of artificial turf directly into the natural grass pitch. Like a tailor, the Verdemix technology ‘dresses’ the natural grass pitch, giving it the ‘resistance’ that only an artificial turf can have.