Environment & Safety

Working in the name of sustainability

Consistent with the entrepreneurial philosophy of the whole group, Limonta Sport operates in the name of sustainability principles, in full respect of the environment and the safety of those who work there and of the community the company belongs to.
As a FIFA Preferred Producer, it follows all of the ethical, environmental and social principles contained in the World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) Code of Conduct, standing as an ambassador of Corporate Social Responsibility.

A certified process with reduced energy consumption

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified, Limonta Sport handles completely controlled production and information processes, with a low environmental impact. The installation of a high-performing and efficient 720 kWp photovoltaic system in the Italian factory, enables the supply of sustainable energy that covers more than 50% of energy needs.

The development of safe and environmentally friendly solutions

The commitment to research and development at Limonta Sport has always been focused on creating safe and environmentally friendly innovations: from using a polyurethane coating, for a low environmental impact, to using InfillPro GEO – 100% natural and organic infill – third party patent, from developing hybrid systems to producing the Econext technology for a completely recyclable surface.
This commitment is also embodied by Limonta Sport’s partnership with AIS, (Italian Association of Sports Facilities) a nonprofit organisation that aims to promote and coordinate the installation of sustainable sports facilities in terms of energy consumption, economical and social impact.

A model for organisation and safety management

Since March 2011, Limonta Sport has adopted and effectively implemented a model for Organisation and Management, covering both corporate a and external activities for pitch installation, with the aim of preventing offences due to violation of regulations in the field of accident prevention, protecting the workers and the environment.
In accordance with this model, the activities that Limonta Sport undertake are periodically verified and checked by targeted certified audits, to ensure the implementation of safety procedures and guidelines, the operation of all systems and measures to protect health and safety at work.