Preferred turf producer for top federations

Limonta Sport’s purpose has always been to provide its own contribution to the world of sport, by creating innovative solutions to guarantee athletes top performance in various disciplines. The relentless search for quality has allowed Limonta Sport to become one of the world leaders, a constant point of reference in the turf sports industry. The efficiency and exclusivity of the designed systems is reflected by prestigious and influential reference s at both an Italian and international level and by certifications from major sports federations.


FIFA Preferred Provider
In October 2009, FIFA included Limonta Sport in the shortlist of FIFA PREFERRED PROVIDER for Football Turf, emphasising the company’s leadership in the world market. The concept of FIFA Preferred Producer was created within the FIFA Quality Concept programme, aimed at improving the quality of installations and safeguarding the end-user.

Limonta Sport installs pitches all over the world, following the FIFA Quality Concept directives during each construction stage and is capable of providing high standards in terms of:

  • Production process and product quality
  • The expertise in the field of civil and construction engineering, as well as in project management for sub-base and installation works
  • Top efficiency and organisation in all stages of production, installation and maintenance
  • High level of service and unceasing development of specific products for football
  • References and experience

The corporate policy focusing on Total Quality Management drives Limonta to implement continuous improvements in terms of products, processes and organisational systems.


World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer

Since 2011, Limonta Sport has been WORLD RUGBY PREFERRED TURF PRODUCER for rugby pitches, confirming the leading role that the company maintains in the world of artificial turf for sport.
The World Rugby Regulation 22 is the regulatory framework for the provision of artificial turf surfaces for rugby, which is valid for all clubs, municipalities and associations. This framework aims to drive evolution in terms of materials, developing new standards that respect the history and tradition of the game, and establishing the main performance features and maintenance guidelines that focus on the players’ health and safety.
As a World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer, Limonta Sport ensures the highest possible levels of playability and performance are achieved on its pitches and guarantees that the installations are both safe and perfect, pledging to constantly meet the developing needs of the rugby world and pursuing the ambitious target of contributing to the evolution of the whole sector.


International Hockey Federation Certified Turf Manufacturer

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has developed a detailed international programme to ensure quality, provide structured industry standards for safety and durability of the installation of field hockey pitches, and to guarantee excellent performance at all levels of play.
As a FIH Certified Turf Manufacturer, Limonta Sport forms parts of an exclusive group that works in constant partnership with the FIH to certify the quality of materials in each hockey pitch installed worldwide and to protect their customers’ investments.
This prestigious certification shows Limonta Sport’s ability to produce products for field hockey that conform to standards, while proving that the company shares the Federation’s commitment to promoting hockey, as well as the relevant best practices on a global scale.


The prestigious FEDERACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE PÁDEL releases the homologation for Limonta Sport artificial turf for the game of Padel.

A certification reserved only to those products that respect the parameters of performance, playability and safeguard of the athlete according to the UNE147301 norm.

Limonta Sport’s R&D department, besides having designed and produced a range completely dedicated to padel, has thought about a covering system to make the game less traumatic for the players’ joints.  A special high performance pad that, placed under the turf, thanks to its excellent biomechanical properties reduces to the maximum the risk of damages and injuries for the athletes, absorbing in an exceptional way the shock,guaranteeing at the same time also professional performances.

The quality of the Limonta Sport Padel courts has already been chosen by important sport centres, among which the Eracle Center of the Italian World Champion Gianluca Zambrotta. Zambrotta renewed his trust in the Italian company after having chosen it for the realization of football fields, also in artificial grass, at his facility.

Choosing to buy an approved product is a guarantee of high quality and excellent performance!



The PVC products range is certified by the most important federations. They meet the increasingly stringent standards for safety and fire resistance, as well as specific European regulations for sports flooring.
Such certifications were awarded to Limonta Sport after a particularly strict selection process and prove the company is able to provide the highest level of guarantee in terms of: production process and quality control, design and value of the finished product, expertise during installation, post-sale assistance, experience in the sector and understanding of the athletes’ needs.