VERDEMIX: Stitched hybrid technology

VERDEMIX hybrid system is the latest addition to the range of professional services offered by Limonta Sport.

The stitching of synthetic fiber into natural turf surfaces provides much longer playing hours than traditional natural grass pitches while increasing the safety and the stability of the playing surface – an ideal solution for both stadiums/arena and training facilities of clubs all around the world.

Coming from the latest technology available in the market, VERDEMIX has self-propelled machinery for tufting artificial turf fibres into the natural grass systems. The synthetic fibres also perform the function of stabilizing the sand layer and ensuring the evenness of the surface.

VERDEMIX: benefits and performance

  • Hours of usage up to 4 times higher than traditional natural grass.
  • Stable and safe playing surface.
  • Reduced mobility of the grass sod, therefore better traction and safety for the athletes.
  • Pitch surface uniform and homogenous.
  • Reinforced grass root zone.
  • Limited natural turf superficial
  • Optimal drainage

VERDEMIX has a full tufting depth of 18cm; stitching depth can be easily adjusted according to the specifics of the clients.
A full size pitch can be fully stitched and handed over in approx. 12-13 days using a single machine and a crew rotating on working shifts of 24 hours; when time is an issue, two machines can be delivered simultaneously on site to speed up operations and handover the pitch in less than a week.

VERDEMIX pitches can perform at top level for at least 10 years if maintained according to correct standards and procedures set in place by Limonta Sport. Full renovation of the organic layer can be easily done as per traditional natural turf surfaces. Standard maintenance operations allow the grounds men to adjust surface hardness/softness, modify level of traction according to the needs of the players/coaches.


VERDEMIX stitching operations can be put into place with a certain degree of flexibility according to timeline available:

  • stitched before seeding into the sandy subbase.
  • stitched into very young sods to allow harmonious growth of the natural grass into the system.
  • stitched into a more mature grass sod (grown in a nursery and installed in the facility right before stitching).

It is important that the subbase profile is built according to VERDEMIX requirements.

VERDEMIX stitched system will not be implemented on surfaces not suitable for the operation.

The artificial turf fiber used by VERDEMIX has been selected by Limonta Sport for its long lasting resilience and ability to come back into original position year after year; these unique fibre characteristics have been studied and confirmed by hundreds of references worldwide in both Mixto hybrid surfaces and synthetic turf pitches.

The additional achievement of this special fibre is to provide optimal visual coverage of the playing surface in periods when the natural grass surface is under intense stress and its density can’t be quickly enhanced/improved (like in winter months – or after a series of back to back events).


FC SOCHAUX | Montbèliard

AC MILAN | Milanello


Verdemix technology at the Francois Blin stadium in Avion, France. A natural grass pitch that was completely reseeded and then reinforced with synthetic grass filaments sewn directly into the playing surface.
Now both the Avion club and the FC Lens women’s club can play on a pitch in perfect condition.

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