Shevardeni Complex at Tbilisi – Georgia

Rugby is the second most popular sport in Georgia, right after football, and is some areas like the capital Tbilisi area its’ consider the main recreational activity.

Rugby became very popular in Georgia in the 90’s, when the best players started to play in foreigner countries (especially France) improving the technical level and the quality of the Georgian rugby at international level. Georgia is now at the 14th place in the World Rugby world ranking.

Location of the field

The Shevardeni Sport Facility is located in the center of Tbilisi, and is considered the point of reference for rugby teams in the Region. Nowadays the Shevardeni complex hosts two full size IRB approved rugby pitch, one in natural grass and one in artificial grass. Both surfaces are considered the best in the country for the game of rugby.

With more than twenty adult teams playing in the different rugby leagues of Georgia, and an even bigger number of youth teams connected to them, the facilities in Tbilisi were in need of modern and efficient infrastructure to help the growth of the rugby movement in Georgia, and the Shevardeni Stadium is the best example of the efforts made to reach this goal.

Situation Before

The area where the Shevardeni stadium complex stands today was barely playable, with a muddy and uneven field used for rugby at all levels and amateur football. The facility had no changing rooms and no tribunes for spectators. The cold and rainy weather during winter and the hot temperature during summer gave their contribution to low even more the quality of the pitch, with consequences on the development of the young player’s basic skills.

World Rugby’s support

At the beginning of 2010, the World Rugby decided to give its support to improve the situation of the facilities for rugby in Georgia and the Shevardeni complex was the first step of its campaign. A full size natural pitch with tribunes was built to host the biggest events, included some matches of the World Rugby Youth World Trophy that took place in Tbilisi at the end of May 2011.

An artificial rugby field was assigned to Limonta Sport to give additional aid to the growth of local rugby teams. The surface, 11.000 square meters of synthetic grass specifically studied to fit the need of high level professional rugby, was installed and tested according to World Rugby Regulation 22 that imposes the highest quality standards in terms of performance, durability and safety for the players.

This World Rugby Certified Rugby pitch can now officially host national and international rugby events, sure guarantee of reliability for rugby players of all levels.

The new synthetic field immediately brought numerous advantages to the local rugby teams (more than twenty in the area) and to the community:


A perfect playing surface is now available for 6-10 hours each day


Possibility to practice and play in all weather conditions, with stable performance level


Athletic and technical training can be brought to professional level


Good quality surface reduces the risk of injuries for the athletes


Georgian rugby teams of all age regularly practice on the field, becoming point of reference for young generations in the area (educational impact)


Low maintenance cost


The new tribunes situated close to the artificial pitch allow some hundreds people to attend games and practice sessions, growing the interest of the population in the sport


Possibility to preserve big natural grass venues in perfect conditions for the top events of the seasons.

Thanks to the new synthetic field installed by Limonta Sport, the Shevardeni complex became a center of aggregation for the young people, giving an important contribution to the life of the community. The educational impact of this new facility is visible every day, with kids and young adults practicing rugby (and its values) in a safe and modern venue, growing as person and as athletes at the same time.

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