Multisport areas are a big opportunity for communities and municipalities to provide fields suitable for different disciplines, even in locations where space and money available are a real issue. Limonta Sport provides a wide range of products that fit the need of different sports like football, volleyball, basket, hockey, etc.; all these different surfaces share the necessity to guarantee high performances, to resist to an intense use, and to last longer, while being able to effectively repay the investment.

The experience and the know-how gained during the realization of more than 5000 installations all over the world, combined with the most severe quality test of the industry, provided Limonta Sport the necessary insights to develop products specifically designed for multisport areas.


Limonta Sport has been working for years to find solutions able to deliver high quality, resistance, and durability to its clients.


Thanks to a unique yarn, derived by specific extrusion lines, our products guarantee:

  • Better foot stability
  • Incredible Tuft Lock Resistance
  • Safety for players
  • Natural look
  • Higher wearing resistance



Padel’s journey started in the ‘70s in a Mexican villa and has been fast: from Latin America, to Europe, to Spain, where it quickly gained wide appeal and exposure. In Argentina there are now a few million players, but this sport is also gaining popularity in France, Brazil and the United States, where the United States Padel Association (USPA) has managed and organised tournaments since 1993. In Italy, the Italian Padel Federation (F.I.G.P) was founded in 1991 and in 2008, CONI, a Limonta Sport partner, included Padel as part of the Italian Tennis Federation.
The court does not exceed 20 metres in length by 10 metres in width and the use of artificial turf flooring is the only viable alternative to concrete, according to the standards accepted by the Federal Technical Commission.
In collaboration with professional athletes, Limonta Sport has designed the ideal solution for padel courts: the system offers optimal surface roughness, that on the one hand ensures proper pace of play and prevents premature shoe and ball wear, and on the other ensures better grip and shock absorption.

If you are interested in a sports project, trust Limonta’s experience. Contact us and we’ll give you all the answers you need.

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