Research & Development

Continuous innovation for the benefit of sport

Continuous product innovation is one of the core values of Limonta Sport’s vision, aimed at providing ultimate solutions on several levels: from the technical and sporting performance to player safety, and from long-term durability, to management and maintenance.

Laboratory Tests

The modern workshop, in the Italian headquarters in Cologno al Serio (Bergamo) is at the core of the research and development work carried out by a team of technicians with complementary specialised skills, supported by comprehensive and sophisticated equipment. The worshop is committed to constant checks to verify and ensure the quality of the products, as well as to specific chemical and mechanical analysis of new materials, examination of new systems and implementation of experimental projects.

Field Tests

The workshop activity is complemented by field tests and trials, conducted in collaboration with clubs and professional athletes, in order to receive feedback on the performance of new products. Limonta Sport’s preferred partners are professional associations, industry experts and international sporting federations, which provide essential input and inspire and drive the company’s commitment to research.