Vigorelli | The American football championship on a field of the latest generation

8 March 2019 | Tomorrow the championship begins, the Seamen Milano debut at Vigorelli against the Bergamo Lions

The historic facility, which since 2015 has been undergoing redevelopment as part of Citylife’s urban planning project, after the restoration of the wooden track, has now been completed with the renovation of the internal field for rugby and American football, with a 45 mm synthetic turf specific for these sports.



The synthetic turf that already covered the central field of Vigorelli has been replaced with a complete new generation system. The yarn with which the synthetic grass is made is given by the union of three types with compatible sections and thicknesses to achieve maximum results in terms of resilience, performance and durability. The specific use of the “Vigorelli” field for American football in fact requires the use of systems with high resistance to compression and this resistance cannot be achieved with traditional geodrains.

The system used is an underlay made of SBR rubber granules, characterized by a draining profile on the upper side and a scoring for performance purposes on the lower side.

Discover more: download the pdf.

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