Real Madrid: WE ARE BACK

13 September 2021 | A resounding victory yesterday by Real Madrid over Celta Vigo kicked off the new season for the famous Spanish team.

The spectacle was not only the precise and fast game of these important teams, but also the perfect hybrid grass surface Mixto®, a perfect mix of natural and artificial grass.

A technology made in Italy, once again desired by Jose Fernandez Munoz and Adrian Romero Mangas – Groundsmen at Real Madrid C.F.

And yes, because the quality of Mixto®, made by Limonta Sport and Rappo srl, chosen for 5 consecutive years, had been replaced by a similar technology in the 2020-2021 season. 

The secret is a grid of artificial grass perfectly designed to favour the birth, growth and development of the natural grass. The system thus composed generates conditions of perfect oxygenation and permeability of the surface layer and the ideal air-water-soil balance, while also preventing the formation of muddy areas or waterlogging. Mixto® guarantees stability, permeability and maximum safety for the athletes.

From the greenhouse the big rools of grass were transported to the stadium and laid in just 2 nights. A couple of days for the turf to settle and the first Liga match was played.

Once again the quality Made in Italy has won its challenge, returning to be the protagonist in one of the most important stadiums in the world.

Discover more on Mixto® technology here!

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