Limonta Sport Workshop in Shanghai, China: ‘Shaping the future of soccer in China’

Century Park Club, 24th May 2017: this was an unforgettable day for Limonta Sport in Asia. In the heart of one of the most beautiful park in China and the biggest one in Shanghai, Limonta Sport organised a workshop to push forward with its mission to create knowledge and awareness about the forefront of innovation in the synthetic turf industry for soccer.

Many special guests took part to the meeting, starting from Mr. Paolo Limonta, CEO and President of Limonta Group, who proudly recalled the long history of Limonta Sport in China and his will to continue chasing Limonta’s values of quality and service.

Soon after a delegation from FIFA explained the core pillars of the FIFA Quality Programme whose goal is to set internationally recognised industry standards for products, technologies and surfaces that have a direct impact on the game of football. Limonta Sport is one on the selected FIFA Preferred Turf Producer since 2007.

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) followed by the Chairman of KEHUA Sports, Mr. Karl HaoQing, whose academies daily train on Limonta’s fields at Century Park, widely spoke about the role that Federations, producers and users of artificial and hybrid turf should have in understanding and promoting high quality products and installations. The Chinese government is working indeed on setting the most appropriate standards and guidelines.

The set of speeches was wonderfully completed by Mr. Marcello Lippi, the Chinese national team coach, who shared with the euphoric audience his professional opinion on being a top coach in China and what is experience in Asia. He stated: ‘I am happy that companies like Limonta Sport helps me in this important mission’.

At Century Park Club, home of SHANGHAI SIPG Team, Limonta Sport installed a synthetic system made up of Duo Shape turf plus Geo X360 infill and one full-size Mixto hybrid system pitch. The team of trainers who works there and the children who use the facility confirmed that those are one-of-a-kind fields in Shanghai and in China too.

The development of soccer in China is a matter of knowledge first and Limonta Sport is in the frontline when it comes to experience and innovative solutions!

Many Chinese media took part to the event, take a look to the coverage at the link below (Chinese only though):

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