Limonta Sport celebrates its first 50 years!

Limonta Sport celebrates its first 50 years with an exclusive party together with all its employees.


Fifty years ago, a young entrepreneur decided to combine his love of football with the creative flair and passion for ‘well-made’ that has always been his life’s philosophy. Dr. Paolo Limonta, heir to the historic textile brand Limonta S.p.A., in 1972 did not miss the opportunity to purchase an old bankrupt building and convert it into the production of what would later become the best artificial turf and hybrid turf available on the market today.

Many years have passed, successes and defeats as it happens in every journey, changes of collaborators as well as ownership, but Limonta Sport has never lost its core values that still hold sway today.

Sustainability, Tradition, Constant Innovation, Diversification, and a lot of Passion… these are the keywords that have allowed Limonta Sport to get where it is today: world leader in research, production, and marketing of artificial and hybrid turf systems for sports and landscaping. Not for nothing it has been chosen for over 8 years by Real Madrid for the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and since 2004 by AC Milan.

But as Dr Limonta emphasised in his welcome speech, the heart of Limonta Sport is the people, the collaborators who give their best every day to achieve important goals together. And it is precisely for this reason that an evening all together, in an exclusive location, with an elegant flavour and a crescendo of surprises, was the right moment to get together and celebrate an important anniversary.

It was a truly special celebration full of moments to remember: the welcome speech by Dr. Limonta, who was greeted by thunderous applause from all the guests, and in whose eyes one could read emotion and gratitude, who retraced the steps that have brought Limonta Sport to where it is now. Special thanks, of course, to the four managers currently at the top of the company, Armanno Brembilla, Claudio Colombo, Francesco Lavorato and Angelo Redolfi, who, with daily dedication, strive to achieve ever more challenging goals.

But there was also room for two unexpected recognitions: the 40 years of cooperation of Mr Antonello Ferrari and Ms Adriana Agliardi, the latter freshman no. 2, hired after freshman no. 1, Dr Limonta of course.

It was also an opportunity to take stock after a good 50 years of activity, but it is certainly not the end of the line.  Limonta Sport, having reached this stage in its history, is looking ahead. It is intent on reaching new goals, falling if it has to fall, but always ready to get back up to meet and win new challenges.

At the end of the wonderful evening, live music to dance until late at night!

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