UEFA EURO 2020 | Mixto for Bucharest

Limonta Sport, reinforced turf Made in Italy for UEFA EURO 2020 Stadium in Bucharest!


UEFA EURO 2020 | 29 June 2021 – A match that left all the spectators with bated breath… played until the last minute and then going to penalties. Two great teams, France and Switzerland, played each other in the round of 16.

And once again the pitch boasted MIXTO hybrid artificial turf technology, 100% Made in Italy. The pitch was laid in a few days in April 2021 thanks to the Lay&Play laying technology and yesterday it looked perfect!

Mixto, a 100% Made in Italy solution, consists of synthetic and natural components, where the artificial matrix is perfectly designed to better promote the natural component’s germination, growth and development.

This composite system creates conditions for perfect oxygenation, permeability of the surface layer and a perfect air-water-soil balance,  preventing the formation of muddy areas or waterlogging. Mixto grants stability, permeability and the maximum safety for athletes, with reduced maintenance costs compared to 100% natural surfaces.

Mixto: a reticulated base on which not even 3% of artificial grass is sewn, and where natural grass grows.This structure makes the hybrid turf 3 times stronger than natural, more resistant to playing stress, while athletes’ perception is almost identical to that of fully natural turf.

Discover more on Mixto technology.

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