The historic facility, redeveloped as part of the Citylife urban planning project, after the restoration of the wooden track, saw the completion of the renovation of the indoor field for rugby and American football, with a 45 mm synthetic turf specifically for these sports.

The Maspes-Vigorelli velodrome, originally created for track cycling, is now mainly used for American football by the two home teams of the First Division, the Seamen Milano and the Rhinos Milano.

Following a call for tenders launched in 2012, a project was presented for the redevelopment of the entire structure with a conservation bond as it was declared to be of historical-artistic, historical-relational and historical-identity interest.


The synthetic turf that already covered the Vigorelli’s central pitch was replaced with a complete new generation system, the TRISHAPE by Limonta Sport.

A yarn given by the union of 3 types of filaments with different sections and thicknesses: two of them aimed at achieving maximum performance and one aimed at limiting clogging, thus ensuring less material migration and a perfectly flat pitch.

The two thicker fibres have maximum resilience, proven by specific tests, while the third fibre tends to close to protect the infill, working in synergy with the other two.

The system is very compact in terms of yarn height and number of stitches/sq.m., which makes it possible to combine optimum performance efficiency with a high level of mantle aesthetics.

Why they have chosen us

Arch. Roberto Russo | CityLife

Marco Mutti | Seamen Milano President