TP Mazembe – Stade Municipal de Lubumbashi

Limonta Sport completed the project in Lubumbashi for the new stadium of TP Mazembe, national champions of the 2011 Super Ligue of the Rep. Dem. of Congo

The ambitious project was born to allow the club to play national and international matches in a modern stadium designed to comply with FIFA Standards, a soccer arena that fits the needs of a team able to win the African Champions League in 2009 and 2010, and to reach the final of the World Cup for Club in Abu Dhabi in December 2010.

The football pitch is a modern SoccerPro Max S 60mm by Limonta Sport, top surface installed to guarantee the high performance level of a system already available for many top European professional football teams.

The field was installed according to latest FIFA standards, with a system designed by Limonta Sport to answer the needs of professional football.

Situation before

Founded by the religious community, TP Mazembe rapidly climbed the hierarchies in the African football, counting on a growing base of thousands of fans in all the Region.
The old “Stade TP Mazembe Englebert” was a facility built in the early 40’s to accommodate the new born Mazembe team., but after sixty years the club finally decided to modernize the arena, creating a stadium suitable for the needs of a team that is dominating the scenes of the African football.

The project

The re-construction of the al facility took just a little more than a year, with more than 200 workers operative in the construction site every day, and 250 ton of steel used to reinforce the structure of the stadium.

Several stadia consultants came to Lubumbashi from all over the world to re-design the facility, and keep the highest quality level from the selection of the materials to the construction techniques and operating tools.

International experts were in fact brought on site to define the architectural standards characteristics, the playing surface, the creation of the modern VIP area, necessary emergency areas and future developing plan.

Modern points of access were installed thanks to 12 electronic gates regulating platform entrances according to European safety standards.

The new stadium

The Stade Municipal de Lubumbashi is a state of art facility in the heart of the African Continent, a 35.000 seats stadium with 15 VIP boxes and a modern sport clinic fully equipped to the rehabilitation of injured players.

This is the only stadium in Africa completely designed and sponsored by a football club, a small “jewel” that represents the pride and the ambition of TP Mazembe, the desire to stay at top level and being considered the point of reference for modern football in the Continent.

Why they chose us