BFF House - Bangladesh

At the beginning of April 2012, Limonta Sport proudly delivered the first 11 aside first football turf ever installed in Bangladesh to the Bangladesh Football Association, a gift from FIFA for the development of the game in the Region.
This important project is part of the FIFA’s Goal Programme, and it represents a unique opportunity to spread and improve the game of football in the Sub-Continent, an area with a population of 160 million people and great potential for the future.

Situation before

The pitch stands in a piece of land connected to the BFF house, surrounded by residential buildings in one of the most crowded areas of Dhaka. The only playing area available consisted in soil, stones, and some wasting material left in the area from previous construction works.

Construction of the pitch

The Football Pitch

The football pitch rapidly became the center of the activities of the local communities. Each day hundreds of kids of all ages uses the facility, thanks to the effort of the Bangladesh Football Federation and football schools that are pushing to grow the football awareness in the Region.

The national teams of Bangladesh intensively use the facility, taking advantage of what it’s considered the best football field in the Country.
International matches for young teams have been already hosted at the BFF House, location that finally became the center of the football movement activities in the Country.


A perfect playing surface is now available for 6-10 hours each day


Possibility to practice and play in all weather conditions, with stable performance level


Athletic and technical training can be brought to professional level


Ability to build a program to develop a long term program for the growth of football in Bangladesh

The Future

FIFA and BFF are investing time and energy to guarantee a bright future to the young football movement of Bangladesh.
During the opening speech of the facility, Mr. Blatter reveled the FIFA plan to build a new professional academy in the Country, as acknowledgment of the efforts put by the local community to improve the football awareness in Bangladesh.

Why they chose us