Astana Arena - Kazakhstan

The Astana Arena is one of the top venues for football in all Asia, a modern stadium completed in 2009 and still considered as point of reference in all the Continent.
The 30,000 stadium was conceived as a large amphitheater on the model of the Allianz Arena in Munich, with a distinctive and instantly recognizable form when viewed from a distance and from close proximity.


The Stadium

History of a success

The management of the Astana Arena and KFF installed their first Limonta Sport football turf in 2009. A highly professional and reliable system, the playing surface passed the FIFA 2 Star Certification test for 4 years in a row, allowing the National Team and the major local clubs to use the stadium in International Competition-

Enthusiasts of the quality and performance of the pitch installed, the KFF decided to renew its thrust in Limonta Sport at the beginning of year 2013 when they commissioned a new football turf for the Astana Arena, a Max S 45 with the natural and organic Infill Geo.

Sure of receiving a top quality surface, the choice went in the direction suggested by many players and staff to play on a unique type of artificial turf system where professional playing characteristics of the grass meet the unmatched feeling and comfort for the athletes.

Official Matches and International competitions

The FIFA 2 Star certification received by the football turf installed in the Astana Arena in 2009 (and the successful re-test in following years) gives the possibility to several local professional teams and to the National Football Representatives of Kazakhstan to play official games for both UEFA and FIFA competitions.
Top teams such as Belgium, Turkey and Germany made their way to Astana to face the Kazakhstan National Team on official matches valid for the Euro 2012 Qualifying Round.

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