AC Milan – Milanello and Vismara Training Center

Milanello Training Center is one of the most efficient sport complex for professional football in the world, thanks to the presence of several natural football pitches, artificial fields, indoor facilities, dormitories, etc..created to maintain the perfect atmosphere during the preparation of official matches.
The Serie A 2011-2012 offered a new perspective to Italian football, due to the introduction of football turf in the main stadiums of AC Cesena and Novara; like many other teams, AC Milan chose Limonta Sport to create a top quality surface that allows the team to prepare the away games on artificial grass and get used to a different playing surface.

Great attention in AC Milan is dedicated to the safety of the players, with a department called Milan Lab that take cares of the physical preparation of the athletes in all the steps (summer preparation, regular training, special requirements, treatment of injuries, rehabilitation, etc..).
The installation of new playing surfaces, in particular football turf, are carefully followed by the management to be sure to protect the health integrity of the players in the medium and long term.


Limonta Sport and AC Milan have been developing several projects in the past 10 years, for both the first team and the academies.

The younger AC Milan teams are mainly practicing and playing at the Vismara Center, with three full size pitches and one mini pitch signed and maintained by Limonta Sport.

Limonta Sport is the Official Technical Supplier of AC Milan since 2004. In 2016/2017 OFFICIAL PARTNER.

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