National Training Center – Slovakia

The Slovakian Football Federation has developed in the past years a plan to renew its main training center in Senec, with the aim to improve the existing facilities and provide the National Team with modern football turf for the preparation of International events.

The new football field is part of the Hattrick Project, a development plan financed by UEFA to assist the FA in the creation of up to date facilities suitable for high professional football.

The Max S, installed at the end of year 2012, replaced an old artificial turf system that has been used by the Local Teams for almost 10 years, but that could no longer keep up with the current needs of the Federation.

Once that the sub-base has been checked and fixed by the Limonta Team, an in-situ 20 mm layer has been installed to guarantee a good shock absorption level for the football turf in the long run.

The system installed by Limonta Sport is Max S 40mm with an elastic 20 mm layer that guarantees the highest playing characteristics combined with perfect levels of shock absorption and energy restitution to preserve the integrity of the athletes.

The Double S shape and unmatched level of resilience of the Max S give the field a natural ball roll and ball jump, combined with a ball speed comparable to the best natural football pitches.

The field, completed during the month of September 2012, is intensively used all year long by the National Team of Slovakia (including junior representatives) and local semi-professional clubs.

The facility is also rented to amateur teams during the available times in order to provide a source of income for the management of the training center.

Feedback after 20 months

Limonta Sport visited the facility on April 2014, to double check the situation of the field and receive the comments from the grounds-men, coaches and national team representatives who work every day at the NTC Senec pitch.

Here some words from Mr. Branislav Kriska, director of the National Training Center:

After almost two years and an exposure to over 1800 training units and matches, the artificial grass still looks like new. There are no signs of deficiencies, deformation or uneven surfaces; no damages to the fiber and no sign of wear for the granules.
We would really like to express our gratitude for the well performed work.

The NTC Senec case is the perfect demonstration that good maintenance operations keeps the performance level of the pitch at the highest standard, even with intensive usage and difficult winter conditions (snow, ice, etc..)
The football turf is in optimal condition, with homogeneous free pile height all over the surface, sbr granules uniformly spread and the yarn untouched by long-playing hours and two long winters.

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