Ecological, recyclable and performing… The most beautiful game is on synthetic grass!

January 2021 | Magazine IMPRESE

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Tradition, passion, and diversification are the keywords of Limonta Sport. Born from the historical textile group Limonta, you are overwhelmed by a thousand emotions when you cross the company gate, all to be touched by hand. Yarns, drawings, and projects fill the archives and desks of technicians who, with experience and constant research, design the best synthetic and hybrid turf that the youngest will tread on up to the professionals.

Among the world’s leading companies for the production and marketing of synthetic and hybrid turf for sport and landscape, Limonta Sport confirms in 2020 the resilience shown in its more than 40 years of history.

“In the light of the world economic situation, we can be satisfied – confirms Armanno Brembilla, cfo of Limonta Sport -: in fact, we register a significant increase in turnover thanks to the decision to diversify our export areas.”

“A made in Italy that is appreciated abroad,” says Angelo Redolfi, Limonta Sport’s foreign sales director, “we export to over 70  countries  around the world, and in recent years we have been looking at the African continent, which is difficult to approach and very complex to follow, but which is giving us excellent results thanks to significant projects.

With these figures, it is not surprising that Limonta Sport represents one of the seven “Fifa Preferred  Producers” in the world and the only one in Italy for its rugby organisation, projected into the future also thanks to its commitment to sustainability, both in terms of process and product.

Certified EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 14001:2015, Limonta Sport continues to invest in research and development to offer the market a  product  with  an increasingly zero environmental impact. “Completely recyclable synthetic coverings at the end of their life,” says Andrea Marcassoli, r&d manager, “are 100% natural and recyclable and come to life from recycled material, for a perfect circular economy. Our challenge”, he says, “is to transform our entire range into eco- friendly products: it’s not easy, but we are convinced, but the numbers confirm that; particularly in those countries where green sensibility is more established, we are not wrong.”

“We also keep an eye on the environment by reducing C02  emissions  thanks to the important investment made years ago in a photovoltaic system that serves the entire plant,” says Liz Melli, marketing & communications manager. Besides, since 2019 we have launched the BE | LIMONTA project, a company philosophy that fully respects the environment”.

“And to the purists’ reserveson the use of synthetic grass – intervenes Francesco Lavorato, sales manager for Italy – we responded in 2018 by proposinga team game, involving Bologna Calcio FC and the Ecopneus consortium. With these actors – he continues-, we have created a special technological, sustainable and innovative system and the Studio Biomeccanico Superfici di Gioco (Biomechanical Game Surfaces Study), drawn up by Prof. Testa, has shown how our innovative synthetic turf system behaves similarly to a natural pitch, not significantly influencing the athletes’ behavior and physical qualities”.

The topmanagement  of   Limonta   Sport is convinced that the future of sport must be achieved through the creation of playing fields designed and built in such a way: ecofriendly, sustainable, and safe.

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