ASPMI – Associacao dos Servidores Publicos do Municipio de Itajai.

Brazil,  May 2021 | According to the new report CEN Technical Report  17519, Limonta Sport runs in advance providing the right advisory to the Brazilians Customers. Ensuring to the ASPMI the correct environment protection. The field in ASPMI is located bordering with the important Itajai river, who is responsible for draining rainwater from all over the valley. Itajai river also is the access to the sea, among the three most important ports in Brazil.

We found a field with a lot of excess rubber, which can cause damage to the environment. We moved the old field, cleaned the whole place, removing the scattered rubber granules. We clean and install drainage protection and cover the field with the famous DuoShape.

DuoShape has the most resistant fibers, allowing long life in the field, without having to fill with rubber. Thus, mitigating the dispersion of rubber and contributing to nature.

The employees of the Itajai city hall and the entire community of the Itajai Valley, now have a real artificial turf, with the correct protection to the environment.

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