FIFA Quality Pro & World Rugby Certificate | RONG QIAO SEDBERGH SCHOOL, China

The pitch of Rong Qiao Sedbergh School in Fuzhou, jointly built by Limonta Sport and Fuzhou Huayu Sport Leisure Equipment Co.,Ltd, just passed FIFA and World Rugby field test on October 18th 2019 and obtained FIFA Quality Pro and World Rugby certifications!

Limonta Sport is FIFA Preferred Producer since the launch of the program in 2009 and World Rugby Preferred Turf Manufacturer since the launch of the program in 2011: only 5 artificial grass manufacturers in the world have the honor to have both.

Rong Qiao Sedbergh pitch by Limonta Sport is one of the only 2 currently World Rugby certified pitches in China: rugby is going to become a very important sport in the country in coming years and Limonta Sport is proud to support the development of Chinese rugby providing artificial grass systems able to guarantee top performance and safety for all the players. The fact that many Limonta Sport’s systems are able to pass both FIFA and World Rugby certification is a further incentive for schools and training centers to install pitches able to provide worldclass quality for 2 sports instead of one.

Rong Qiao Sedbergh School is located in Coastal New Town, Changle District, Fuzhou, a new industrial town with pure air and picturesque scenery, surrounded by Soushi Mountain, Dongfeng Mountain and Nanyang Mountain and close to the East Lake and the East China Sea.  Changle International Airport on its North, China VR Center, China National Health Care Big Data Center, Southeast China Big Data Industrial Park are on its South.

The system installed on the pitch is: Duo Shape 60 mm + EPDM + EL 25 mm.

Duo Shape is an innovative artificial turf which achieves the perfect combination of strength and resilience. Specially developed to improve durability and game performances, Duo Shape consists of a special shape with two different colored sections that are combined but not twisted.

FIFA Quality Pro & World Rugby Certificate - RONG QIAO SEDBERGH SCHOOL
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