FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 | Allianz Riviera Nice

Women’s Soccer World Cup, final for 3rd place on a MADE IN ITALY playground!

June 2019 – FIFA World Championships 2018, South American U-17 Championship 2019, EUFA U-21 Championship 2019 and now the FIFA WOMEN’s World Championships … MIXTO technology – reinforced natural grass – by Limonta Sport chosen for the second year in a row for the turf of Allianz Riviera in Nice.

Saturday 6 July at 17.00, everybody glued to the television for the great match between England and Sweden. A match to win the 3rd place of this World Championship that has something truly unique! A new football, a new awareness, a new color tinges the playing field … ROSE!

The athletes of England will compete with the Swedes at the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice, which boasts a surface consisting of a synthetic and a natural component, where the artificial matrix is ​​perfectly designed to promote the birth, growth and development of the natural part.

Chosen for over than 7 years by Real Madrid for the Santiago Barnabèu, 2018 is the second year in a row that MIXTO is laid at the Allianz Arena.

The clods, grown in a greenhouse in Cusago – Milan, by the partner of Limonta Sport, Rappo srl, were laid directly on site. The LAY and PLAY technique allows the use of the playing grounds from the following days.

The MIXTO system generates the conditions of perfect oxygenation and permeability of the surface layer and the ideal air-water-soil balance, also preventing the formation of muddy areas or stagnant water. Mixto guarantees stability, permeability and maximum safety for athletes, with reduced maintenance costs compared to completely natural surfaces.

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