Limonta Sport, Ecopneus and Bologna FC together to drive innovation and science in the world of soccer

The last biomechanical test session has just been completed this week! That one was the exactly the concluding day of the scientific research started on January 2017.

At the Bologna FC training center in Casteldebole, the 3 partners Limonta Sport, Ecopneus and Bologna FC Club, wanted to promote an empirical study to better understand the relationship between playing field and athletes. The study has been conducted by prof. Mauro Testa, biomechanics’ international expert, together with Captiks, with the aim to analyze sporting activities of the players on two different playing surfaces.
The former is the synthetic field realized by Limonta with Duo Shape turf (the innovative product with two different coloured sections that are combined but not twisted) plus Geolastic infill; the latter is a natural grass field. 8 players have been examined with special sensors while they were performing exercises and direction changes designed by Bologna FC technical team. Those activities tried to replicate the real game conditions and movements.

Thanks to the data analysis and evaluation, this work contributes to improve knowledge and address innovation in new playing surfaces’ development. Those high ambitious goals are the same ones that Limonta Sport has always been pursued throughout the years.
Watch the brief clip about the last test session.… we will soon publish the complete results!
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