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InfillPro Geo is a unique natural infill, composed by selected organic fibres that guarantee better technical and sporting performances, provide better conditions for athletes, the environment and safety with official certification already granted by the appropriate agencies.

Since its introduction in 2004 we have only received positive reactions by players and staff, especially because of its footing stability and other impressive bio-mechanical characteristics.

The system was developed with the collaboration of the University of Pisa and and C.e.R.T.E.S. (Centro Ricerca Tappeti erbosi Sportivi) obtaining a patent in Italy, and with an International patent pending.

Today more than 200 pitches installed demonstrate the high quality of the product and confirm that InfillPro Geo is the best solution for your field.

For the second time the "Stadio Comunale di Teramo" has been tested passing all tests and keeping the certificate FIFA 2 STARS RECOMMENDED.

No overheating pitch During high temperature periods, has the characteristic to keep the temperature of the pitch lower than a rubber infill.
Recyclable InfillPro geo is a natural infill that can be recycled for agricultural use therefore when the artificial turf comes to the end of its life InfillPro Geo is easy and economical to remove.
Odourless is an organic infill of plant origin therefore it's odourless and micro organism proof.
No Abrasion , combined with the artificial fibres of SoccerPro, assure absence of abrasions when falling or sliding during sporting action or recreation activity.
Excellent UV resistance Due to the fibre nature and the plant origin, InfillPro Geo has a high UV resistance making deterioration very slow over a very long time.
Superior foot stability The organic infill plant origin guarantees the stability of the athletes foot, equal to the best natural grass field.
Optimal shock absorption The plant origin of InfillPro Geo also assures the athlete, providing a correct bounce of the ball and in the case of falling, similar characteristics to natural grass.
Excellent drainage Due to the plant origin, InfillPro Geo provides optimal drainage and maintains this characteristic even in bad weather conditions.

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